iluminet a Spanish blog posted this article about my work Quercus. This is a rough translation of the article so excuse any errors or poor English.

"Sustainability for its part is basically an inescapable element against rapid deterioration of our environment is a need for conservation. Those who are involved in industrial design know that these elements must be consistent in their creations, such as Max Ashford, who designed Quercus, desk lamp simple, elegant and functional style: minimalist. 

It has a base made with pieces of oak obtained from companies that do not use it, and built through folding steam to take its curved shape; luminaire, romantically, is half a bottle of wine ground, which encourages a dim glow. While the light source is a low power LED GU10. All parts (glass, wire and wooden stand) are removable, that way the product life cycle is lengthened.

"Design functional and sustainable items, focusing on the life cycle of the product; from the origin of materials and energy embodied in them ... My goal is that every one of my creations is highly treasured, lasting and beneficial for the environment ... "

Ashford Max is a young designer who started career, his work Quercus currently enrolled in a student design competition: Delight in Light (you can vote for it here).

Max Ashford is one of many young people will surely bring new perspectives in the design, we expect that in many cases turn their heads to see the light as an element of inspiration."

The article can be found here.